Multidisciplinary design

Benefits of Being a Multidisciplinary Designer

A designer these days means more than just working with graphics. A designer can be a slew of different things – a web designer, ceramic designer, user experience designer, textile designer, interior designer, object designer, game designer, etc… The list can go on. And while many prefer specialising in one area or another, there’s much to be said about a generalist designer.

While specialising in one area of design does have it’s perks, being a generalist, or multidisciplinary, designer offers you and your clients many extra benefits that will make the work more cohesive and increase engagement.

Here are a few reasons why it helps to be a multidisciplinary designer:

Fosters Collaboration

Many projects no longer follow a pipeline workflow, going to one person to another after each task is done. Now, many are working on the same creative project at the same time in order to create successful projects that fit seamlessly together. Because of this new work flow, many designers are learning about other areas of design and are able to help the other person with their workload and vice versa.

Makes You A Better Creative

When you know about every aspect of design, you’ll end up being a better creative overall. You’ll know how to take an ordinary design project and make it extraordinary, which will go above and beyond the expectations of a client. By knowing the inner workings of the design process as a whole, you’ll be able to take your creativity to new heights, which will just enhance your work portfolio.

Keeps Your Fresh and Up to Date

When you know more about design and what it takes to be a multidisciplinary designer, your skill set will never get old. As you keep learning about other areas of design, you’re not only boosting your resume, but you’ll also keep your skills fresh and up to date. You’ll know about the newest programs and platforms needed to create a visually stunning project regardless of what your design background is. And you’ll be able to use those skills when working on other projects that will go beyond your original skill set.

Knowing More Will Enhance How You Approach a Project

When you know how a website is built, you’ll have a better understanding of what it will take to design a stellar interface for a client. Knowing more about design can help you push your regular design skills to the next level because you have a greater understanding of the user experience. This will in turn change the way you approach new projects.

Professional Enhancement

Many creative directors these days are well versed in all things design related. This means if you want to get head in your career and move up the ranks, you’ll need to extend your skill set and embrace a multidisciplinary approach to design to get your bosses job one day.

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