March 7, 5-8pm.

Waverley Library welcomes you to join Chantelle Baistow in collaboration with the Sydney Design Festival 2019, March 1-10, for a workshop on 3D ceramic printing.


New Craft and Co-design

The new craft co-design workshop gives participants the opportunity to co-create a series of 3D printed ceramic objects, explore issues concerning sustainability and consumerism, and learn about the design process.

Design Activities

It consists of two activities: Activity 1, is a co-design drawing game for 3D printing; Activity 2, is a clay 3D printing activity. The co-design drawing game is made to encourage creativity and co-create unexpected forms. During the 3D printing activity, participants will be supported to 3D print in clay their co-designed object, which can then be fired and glazed for them to keep.

Participating in Design

By connecting participants to the design and fabrication of designed objects, they will have the opportunity manufacture the objects at a local level, explore their effects on the environment, and choose to reuse the material in the printed object instead of firing the clay.