The history of blue

The idea came to me right out of the blue

The History of Blue

Blue is one of the primary colours of the rainbow and the Basic Colour Wheel (which refers to the fact that it’s a pure colour and can’t be made by mixing other colours). It is traditionally associated with boys. But the meaning of blue goes a bit deeper than its gender associations. The cool hue is often associated with things like spirituality, serenity and calmness because of its relaxing undertones and non-threatening vibrancy. Unlike other colours, such as yellow or orange that are warmer, blue can still be bright without being “in your face bright.”

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Vintage Standard Barbie Pink

Show me the pink

When Campbell Newman a former Australian politician first proposed the use of pink prison jumpsuits in 2013 I thought why? What is so wrong with pink? However when I investigated further I found that the colour pink is getting more engendered by the day, all you need to be convinced is take a glance down any toy aisle at your local store.

But it wasn’t always the case.

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Multidisciplinary design

Benefits of Being a Multidisciplinary Designer

A designer these days means more than just working with graphics. A designer can be a slew of different things – a web designer, ceramic designer, user experience designer, textile designer, interior designer, object designer, game designer, etc… The list can go on. And while many prefer specialising in one area or another, there’s much to be said about a generalist designer.

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Chantelle Baistow design coffee infographic

A Cup of Sustainability: Ceramic vs Paper Cups

Coffee shop culture has become more popular than ever and with it a proliferation of containers for drinking hot beverages seem to have taken over the world. With all of the different container choices available today it could be said that a person’s personality is shown through their cup of choice. So are you a disposable paper cup, or are you a more long-lasting ceramic take away cup?

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