Emerging Objects Utah Tea Set

Emerging Objects multi-material printing

Emerging Objects are a 3D design and printing company based in San Francisco. The company is lead by Ronald Rael, from the University of California Berkeley and Virginia San Fratello, from San José State University. They print in many different types of materials, making them a multi-material printing company. They describe their work as 3D printing solutions for environments, however, the work I find most interesting work is their object design and extraordinary multi-material printing experimentation in salt, sand, and tea. It grows 3D printing beyond the proof of concept stage into real commercial solutions.

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Unfolds' Kiosk 2.0

Unfold’s New Craftsmanship

Unfold studio was founded in 2002 working out of the Netherlands it is a partnership between Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen. Their work centres on questioning what is the role of the designer and how it changes with the advent of new technologies and attitudes. They explore new ways of manufacture, financing and distribution of designs.

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